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I've been a keen photographer since my school days. Although, to be honest, there wasn't much to my photography. I just liked taking photos and seemed to have an eye for it. I would see something nice, then think, 'if I just hop this wall and get down lower, imagine the shot I might get'!

In 2011, I, along with five other people, set up Greystones Camera Club. This, along with getting my first DSLR for my 30th birthday at the same time, was to be the start of an epic journey.

Over the coming years, I immersed myself in land and seascape images, along with some wildlife & nature. Living on the East Coast of Ireland in County Wicklow, which is known as the Garden of Ireland, I was surrounded with amazing locations to capture the beauty around me.

In 2013, I was awarded my Licentiate of the Irish Photographic Federation (LIPF). This was based on a panel of ten photos showcasing a selection of my best work. This was adjudicated on by six judges from the IPF. I followed this with my first international distinction, the Artiste de la Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique (AFIAP). This was based on international exhibitions (salons) I had partaken in. To be awarded it, I needed to have a set number of images accepted for exhibit in a range of countries and salons around the world.

In 2016, I started developing my portrait and fine-art nude style. My shots involved studios, country house locations and a mix of the the beautiful landscape and beaches around me. This has brought me huge success, with over 150 awards from international exhibitions since May ‘16, helping me obtain my second international distinction, named EFIAP. Since then, I have gone on to be awarded the EFIAP/bronze and EFIAP/silver. Also in the past 3 years I was awarded 8 of the coveted FIAP Blue Badges as the Best Author in various exhibitions.

Aside from taking photos, I also judge competitions, do talks on my photography to camera clubs, hold individual workshops and sell my photos. Click here to get in contact with me.

I hope you enjoy looking around!